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Antonio Conte criticises ‘unexpected VAR mistakes’ with Spurs manager saying ‘no one is happy about situation’


Antonio Conte criticises ‘unexpected VAR mistakes’ with Spurs manager saying ‘no one is happy about situation’

Antonio Conte was fomented after Tottenham’s penalty was overturned: “The group in England could do without VAR and this is extremely, clear. Yet, I think they are correct since, in such a case that these are the choices, it’s extraordinary or they don’t have a clue about the guidelines.”

Antonio Conte sent off into a rant on the utilization of VAR and called for it to be binned after Tottenham’s punishment was upset against West Ham.

West Ham seemed as though they had yielded a punishment for a third continuous home league match when Spurs were granted a spot-kick in the eleventh moment, just for referee Peter Bankes to upset his unique choice following an extensive four-minute VAR delay.

The authority at last utilized the pitchside screen on the guidance of VAR Stuart Attwell and switched his choice.

Prods proceeded to start to lead the pack politeness of a Thilo Kehrer own goal however the home side balanced 10 minutes into the last part through Tomas Soucek after the midfielder crushed past Hugo Lloris following a shrewd Michail Antonio flick.

West Ham manager David Moyes conceded the switched VAR choice was “the defining moment in the game” and Conte couldn’t conceal his sensations of disappointment with how the authorities came to that choice.

Conte said: “I told him [the referee] toward the finish of the principal half, yet with a grin and not in a tricky manner, you have taken the best choice and afterward VAR called you. They have without a doubt humiliated the referee in light of the fact that to pursue him change a best choice, I think it was ridiculously weird.

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“But for managers and for players, I think to accept the mistake of the referee during the game is okay because a referee’s decision sometimes can be positive, sometimes can be negative. At the end of the season there is always a balance with a positive or negative situation for your team.

“Don’t forget that against Nottingham Forest and a clear situation of goal that the player and went with his hand and a clear penalty situation, red card no and today was clear because I know the rule.

“The problem is that it’s difficult to accept the decision when there are people behind the monitor with the video that they have a lot of time because they have taken a lot of time. I also listened to the whistles from the crowd because the crowd in England doesn’t like VAR and this is very, very clear. But I think they are right because if these are the decisions, it’s incredible or they don’t know the rules.

“But this is not the first time because I have seen many times a VAR situation onside, then the same situation offside in another game, but because there is one finger or the line is curved instead to say right.

“But I think that in England it is better to cut off VAR for the crowd also for us because for me, for my players, for every coach, for every player of all the clubs I think you accept the referee’s decision, positive or negative, because this is a human mistake.

“With the monitor it can be a human mistake. I’m really disappointed because under these people who stay behind the monitor they have to pay more attention. They have to study also. I don’t know. In England I’ve also spoken with other managers and no one is happy about this situation.”

The reason for the penalty being overturned was the fact that the ball hit Cresswell on the head before hitting his hand which made it hard for him to get his hand out of the way.

When asked if he agreed with that statement, Conte replied: “But he jumped and only that you are jumping and you stay in this way with your hand because you jump in this way. I understand that the ball is here but then if you open and it’s very difficult.

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“The Southampton vs Man Utd game for Southampton it was really difficult to accept this decision [Scott McTominay handball appeal]. But in my opinion, you accept easily the decision of the referee, positive or negative, because these are human and in that moment the referee sees this situation. You accept but if you are behind the monitor and two or three people and you have the time to make the bad decision and honesty it’s very, very difficult.

“But maybe next time it will be good for us, but I also don’t want [this] because if you see a situation if it’s negative for my team and is clear, you have to punish.

“You have to be fair, to do the right thing. If you don’t do this with the monitor, with the time but it’s difficult.

“When I watch a game and then I see why this is onside and the other is offside. Why? But this decision moved the final result to a point less, a point more.

“We accept the mistake of the referee. Honestly, I prefer the mistake of the referee. Positive or negative situation, see a penalty or he doesn’t see the penalty, okay, but come on, we continue.

“I never comment about the referee’s decision, never. But this is two clear situations. Two games in a row against Nottingham Forest and now against West Ham.

“I also spoke about the situation of another game, that is maybe not good to do this, but only for an example and to make a mistake behind the video, behind the monitor I think this is incredible, it’s incredible and it’s difficult to accept.”

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Antonio Conte criticises ‘unexpected VAR mistakes’ with Spurs manager saying ‘no one is happy about situation

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