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Frank Lampard’s Bold Advice to Chelsea Players: ‘Don’t Come’ if You’re Scared of Real Madrid


Frank Lampard’s Bold Advice to Chelsea Players: ‘Don’t Come’ if You’re Scared of Real Madrid

As a result of their lack of self-assurance and belief, it is understandable that Chelsea players would be anxious about their match against Real Madrid; however, Frank Lampard has no patience for wimps.

Any Chelsea players who might be intimidated by the prospect of playing Real Madrid were given a very direct message from Frank Lampard: “don’t come!”

In his first match since returning to the club on an interim basis, the Blues’ interim manager suffered a defeat at the hands of Wolves. It was a very toothless performance from the West Londoners, who never really looked like troubling the Midlanders after Matheus Nunes sent a spectacular half volley into the top corner. After that, the West Londoners never really looked like they were going to trouble the Midlanders.

The pressure is off for Chelsea, who have not won any of their last three matches, are scoreless in their last two, and are next scheduled to play the team that currently holds the Champions League title. Lampard, on the other hand, stated in a very direct manner that he has no patience for any players who are afraid of the European juggernauts.

When asked if he thinks any players might be nervous about traveling to the Bernabeu, Lampard responded, “If you’re worried, then don’t come.” When a player signs with Chelsea, they are being offered a very enticing incentive.

“I’m not saying that there isn’t any aggression coming from this side. It’s just a matter of putting everything together. Today, we were competing against a team that was very aggressive, and there may have been some second balls that we didn’t quite get to. And I don’t mind saying it because in order to deal with it, you have to acknowledge it in the first place. The Blues are currently trailing the top four teams in the league by a margin of 14 points; consequently, it appears that a miraculous victory in the Champions League is the only way for them to qualify for the most prestigious competition in club football.

In their final eight matches of the season, not only do they have to play Real Madrid, but they also have dangerous matchups against league leaders Arsenal, title contenders Manchester City, a Newcastle United team that is playing well, and a Manchester United team that has shown signs of improvement. Despite this, Lampard did everything in his power to keep his defiant attitude.

Lampard, when asked about the upcoming few weeks, responded by saying, “I think it’s a big task in managing Chelsea Football Club.” “We are aware that we are not in the position that we would have chosen for ourselves. I was aware of that fact, and as a result, I did not anticipate resolving everything in a single day.

“It was a performance that, when you really break it down and think about it, I believe you need to have more aggression in a Premier League game. They are a team that is fighting for their lives in the Premier League, and their name is Wolves.”

Frank Lampard’s Bold Advice to Chelsea Players: ‘Don’t Come’ if You’re Scared of Real Madrid

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