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How Bellingham could damage Arsenal’s ideal January move with Liverpool decision


How Bellingham could damage Arsenal’s ideal January move with Liverpool decision

Jude Bellingham could hamper Arsenal’s transfer trusts as Liverpool focus on Gunners’ optimal transfer for Moises Caicedo

The beginning of the January transfer window is quick drawing nearer and teams will madly attempt to reinforce their squad before the market closes to have serious areas of strength for a to the season. While Arsenal don’t have to overreact as the season has gotten going well indeed, there is still work that should be possible to work on the squad.

Two positions appear to be the principal focuses for the Gunners, as Edu has purportedly been pursuing players in the midfield and wing regions. A midfielder the Gunners have been connected with is Moises Caicedo from Brighton and Hove Albion.

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The Ecuadorian has had major areas of strength for a to his most memorable full season in the Premier League, as the Seagulls at present sit seventh in the Premier League table. Arsenal are not by any means the only revealed admirers in for him, as opponent teams have likewise been watching his great beginning to the mission, and Liverpool losing a fight for Jude Bellingham could drive the Gunners into a transfer pursue.

 Real Madrid are presently certain of winning the competition to sign Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham. Liverpool presently purportedly accept that their odds are moderate to sign the Brit.

This comes after Sky Sports had revealed that the Reds were additionally keen on marking Caicedo from Brighton, despite Arsenal likewise being vigorously connected to the midfielder.

If Edu selects against marking Tielemans with Spylax Media understanding that the Brazilian is ready to stand by and sign him on a free transfer the following summer, then an option must be agreed upon. Caicedo would positively be a decent choice.

An arrangement appeared to be difficult to finish in the summer because of the remarks made by past manager Graham Potter, as he said, “All things considered, it doesn’t shock me that individuals are taking a gander at him since he is playing at a phenomenal level; and when you truly do explore on him you realize he is a top youngster, extraordinary individual, youthful, playing in the Premier League, has every one of the qualities to play at the extremely, most elevated level.”

He was also asked about the potential £42million price tag to sign the Ecuadorian, and Potter replied by saying: “I think you’d probably get his boots for that for the chairman maybe, knowing the chairman. It’s not for me to talk about. It is what it is.”

When asked if it would be closer to £100million, Potter laughed and said: “Yeah, well they can try.”

But, with Potter no longer in charge at Brighton, it could allow Edu to test Brighton’s resolve. Arsenal must be proactive in completing a deal, however as Liverpool’s disappointment in their Bellingham pursuit means that they are now more than likely to target alternatives with the signing of Caicedo being a potential avenue to go down.

How Bellingham could damage Arsenal’s ideal January move with Liverpool decision

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