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How much Arsenal received in Europa League prize money for 2022/23


How much Arsenal received in Europa League prize money for 2022/23

Numerous individuals have been inquiring about the amount of prize money that Arsenal earned in the Europa League after they were eliminated following a loss to Sporting Lisbon. In a penalty shootout at the Emirates Stadium, Mikel Arteta observed his team endure a 5-3 defeat on Friday night, having tied 3-3 with the Portuguese team over two matches. Despite the frustration of the defeat, Arsenal can now concentrate on their Premier League title campaign, and they have also received a decent sum of money as a result. So, how much did Arsenal receive in prize money for their participation in the Europa League? Let’s investigate…

It appears that Arsenal has been granted £4.4m in prize money by UEFA subsequent to their elimination from the Europa League. The club earned £3.3m for qualifying for the Group Stage, in addition to £1.1m for progressing to the Round of 16, bringing their total prize money to that amount.

Arsenal’s hopes of achieving cup success in addition to their Premier League aspirations have been dashed after Sporting Lisbon eliminated them from the Europa League via penalties. While there may be several reasons why Arsenal were unable to progress, here are my observations (please share yours in the comments):

UEFA released a document showing the breakdown of prize money for the Europa League at the start of the 2022/23 season.

The prize money range varies throughout each phase of the competition, with the winner receiving £7.8m and the runner-up receiving £4.2m.

The amount of prize money for each stage is as follows:

Semi-finalist: £2.5m

Quarter-finalist: £1.6m

Round of 16: £1.1m

Knockout round play-offs: £446,000

Group winner: £994,000

Group runner-up: £500,000

Group stage win: £572,000

Group stage draw: £191,000

Group stage qualification: £3.3m

This prize money may not be a significant amount for a club as big as Arsenal, but it is better than nothing.

Arsenal received a total of £4.4m in prize money for their Europa League campaign, which is only enough to pay Thomas Partey’s salary for 22 weeks.

Arsenal can now focus on their upcoming 11 crucial games in the Premier League, including matches against Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City.

  1. Underestimating Sporting Lisbon

 It was evident that Arteta did not field his strongest starting eleven to secure an early advantage. Odegaard and Partey are critical to the team’s midfield, and leaving them out meant that Arsenal’s midfield was unable to function as expected. Additionally, leaving out Saka, who is essential to the team’s right-wing, was questionable.

  1. Starting a weakened team

 In the Premier League, Arsenal has fielded a consistent starting eleven that has delivered results. While it is understandable to give players game time in the earlier stages of a cup competition, it is essential to field the strongest team in the knockout stages. Although Nelson, Jorginho, and Vieira are good players, they should have been used as substitutes after the main stars had helped turn the game in Arsenal’s favor.

  1. Starting fatigued or unfit players 

If I were Arteta, I would have given Martinelli some rest and opted for a Jesus-Trossard forward line. Although Martinelli has been in good form lately, resting him would have been a wise decision. Starting with Trossard and then substituting him for Emile Smith-Rowe could have given Arsenal’s attack a different dimension against Sporting. Was Jesus ready to start in such a tough game? What if he had been used as a substitute and given an opportunity to start against Crystal Palace?

  1. Injuries 

Tomiyasu and William Saliba’s injuries may have disrupted Arsenal’s game plan. Typically, coaches have a game plan in mind when heading into a match, and the players they select for the starting eleven are aware of this plan. As a result, removing one or two players can throw off the game plan. In any case, the damage has been done, and Arteta and his team must now focus on the Premier League. I hope they are capable of seeing it through.

How much Arsenal received in Europa League prize money for 2022/23

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