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Lionel Messi might prevent Edu from signing a £62 million star at the Emirates.


Lionel Messi might prevent Edu from signing a £62 million star at the Emirates.

Dean Jones, a transfer insider, discusses how Lionel Messi’s exit from PSG may affect Arsenal’s transfer activity.

Arsenal’s pursuit of Moussa Diaby this summer could be hampered by Lionel Messi’s exit from PSG, according to transfer source Dean Jones of GIVEMESPORT.

Messi is set to leave PSG at the end of the season, and Jones feels his departure might set off a chain reaction of transactions that results in Arsenal missing out on Diaby.

Moussa Diaby joins Arsenal on loan

According to 90min, Diaby has long been a target for Mikel Arteta and the rest of the Arsenal coaching team.

Diaby is said to have been on Arsenal’s radar for several years, having grabbed the eye when playing for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

According to the article, Arsenal and another Premier League club Newcastle United are keeping a close eye on Diaby as speculation over a summer transfer heats up.

Should either team want to sign the winger, he won’t come cheap, with Bayer Leverkusen asking £62 million for him.

Hefty figures for a 23-year-old, but such is the desire for the Frenchman’s skills that some major European teams, including PSG, have expressed an interest.

What did Dean Jones have to say regarding Diaby’s future?

Speaking to GIVEMESPORT, transfer insider Jones said: “One of the problems with Messi leaving PSG this summer is that it might strengthen their desire to sign Diaby, and that would be bad news for the likes of Arsenal and Newcastle who have looked closely at that situation.

“In recent times we have started to see and hear about changes to the philosophy of PSG when it comes to signings and when Messi does leave I don’t think it’ll be a case of replacing him with another superstar, I think it will be a situation where they look to sign talent of Diaby’s type.

“There has been a level of interest there for some time but the conditions for him to arrive just haven’t been right and I do wonder if that now changes.

“He was born in Paris and contacts I speak to in France keep telling me about the fact they’re finding more players with that home connection is an important aspect of how they move forward.”

What is Diaby capable of and would he be a worthwhile signing?

With 25 G/A contributions just this season, it’s easy to see why Diaby is receiving interest from all around the continent.

Diaby’s goal-scoring prowess places him among the top 10% of European wingers in terms of non-penalty goals per match (Fbref).

While he would surely elevate Arsenal’s team, given PSG’s newfound emphasis on acquiring the greatest French talent, the Ligue 1 club is unlikely to let Diaby slide through their net this summer.

However, there is always the attraction of the Premier League to entice players, especially now that Arsenal has the added pull of Champions League football.

Lionel Messi might prevent Edu from signing a £62 million star at the Emirates.

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