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Liverpool’s Next Five Fixtures Revealed as Manchester United Set to Unleash Storm on City in Top-Four invasion


Liverpool’s Next Five Fixtures Revealed as Manchester United Set to Unleash Storm on City in Top-Four invasion

By thrashing Manchester United 7-0, Liverpool made the statement of all statements. That’s an ideal setup for Manchester City’s crucial five-game run.

In the race for the top four, Liverpool is battling for its life. It’s worth mentioning that right away since it’s difficult to remember after a 7-0 thrashing of a Manchester United squad coming off a cup win and projected for a title drive in certain quarters.

It felt like the performance of a team at the pinnacle of its abilities, not one that has been repeatedly chastised for teetering on the brink of disaster. That was vindication for Jürgen Klopp, who knew his team were capable of such a performance.

Even still, it was only awarded three points, which seems unfair. Liverpool will recognize that this needs to be a springboard, or else it will be nothing more than a stand-alone story – albeit a wonderful one. And it just so happens that the following five games will be crucial, with both Manchester City and Arsenal preparing to put their resurrection to the test.

One thing is certain. If Liverpool can inflict even half of the devastation it inflicted on Manchester United on any of its remaining opponents, it will easily qualify for the Champions League. Some may even look forward to the Real Madrid second leg with newfound optimism.

However, in reality, everyone is still braced for a fight. And, while every game is crucial from now on, the next five in particular could provide a much better picture of where Liverpool will finish the season.

The forthcoming international break divides the upcoming games in half. Liverpool will be out for 17 days as a result of the Fulham game being postponed due to the London club’s FA Cup success. Nevertheless, before that long break, Klopp’s team faces Bournemouth and then Real Madrid.

Obviously, it is critical that Liverpool wins against Bournemouth. Yet Arsenal just expertly illustrated how much of a threat the Cherries can offer — and it is no longer Klopp’s players who have sole claim to the ‘mentality monsters’ title. There is no way to rely on 97th-minute victories.

The Champions League match is a bit of a free hit, given that qualification from here would be nothing short of miraculous. Liverpool, on the other hand, can pour all behind it, knowing that a long break awaits: whatever the outcome, it should serve as a reset.

Following the break, Liverpool travels to Manchester City and Chelsea before hosting Arsenal. The one advantage of being in a top-four race is that opponents can be expected to drop more points: near-perfection is no longer the sole acceptable outcome for the club to fulfill its current objectives.

But, a win over Graham Potter’s laboring side is more or less essential, and points from at least one of the other two matches are also required. Nevertheless, following their thrashing of Manchester United, the Reds will be looking forward to this triple-header with nine points on the line.

Liverpool can also take solace in the knowledge that it has already defeated Manchester City twice. It also came close to catching Arsenal and, in general, has done slightly better in the big games, with Manchester United serving as the ultimate example. Getting out of this run relatively uninjured would provide a significant psychological lift for the run-in.

Poor results in all three games, on the other hand, would almost surely be the final nail in the coffin for the season after a brutal Champions League departure. Liverpool has earned its big momentum high thanks to Manchester United; now it must ensure that Manchester City and company do not puncture it during the next five games.

Liverpool’s Next Five Fixtures Revealed as Manchester United Set to Unleash Storm on City in Top-Four invasion

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