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Man City Striker’s Contract Standoff Sparks Rift Within Club as Negotiations Hit Roadblock


Man City Striker’s Contract Standoff Sparks Rift Within Club as Negotiations Hit Roadblock

After using his release clause, Manchester City signed Haaland from Borussia Dortmund last summer. When they brought him into their own squad, they apparently agreed to include a similar condition that would allow him to leave next summer.

It would be a major setback for Man City, as Haaland has already scored 50 goals in his debut season. It would be bittersweet to only have one more season with him to look forward to.

As a result, Man City has already begun working to upgrade Haaland’s contract. It was reported last month that, thanks to the devotion of head coach Pep Guardiola, they were able to remove one release option from his contract.

However, there may be additional clauses in his contract for the future. As a result, Manchester City may still lose their star center-forward before his contract expires in 2027.

According to Spanish media sources, Haaland has really rejected Man City’s attempts to stop the rumor once and for all by canceling the release clause, which may still be alive.

The 22-year-old has declined contract talks on the recommendation of his agent Rafaela Pimenta.

In a perfect scenario, Man City would like to extend his contract until 2028, providing him a higher income and removing his €200 million (£176 million) release clause.

A wage deal of €40m per season (approaching £680,000 per week) would be offered, as opposed to his present earnings of €32m per season (around £540,000 per week). To sweeten the bargain, lucrative goal bonuses could be incorporated.

However, Haaland – who has long been linked with Real Madrid, where he could replace Karim Benzema – appears to have rejected Man City’s plans. It may make it easier for him to leave in 2024 if he so desires.

Man City are hopeful they have nothing to worry about with Erling Haaland.

Of course, if a release clause is activated, the player must still decide whether or not to join the team making the bid.

However, a star of Haaland’s caliber will want to play on the biggest stage possible. Man City’s Premier League domination made them tempting when he was looking for his next club last year, but Real Madrid will always be a team of elite prestige.

As things currently stand, Haaland is contracted to Man City until he is 26 years old. However, his adventure at the Etihad Stadium may not last long.For the time being, this appears to be merely another layer of supposition. Man City will be hoping that they don’t have too much to be concerned about.

However, it is natural for rumors to circulate around a world-class talent like Haaland. Only time will tell how long he remains in Manchester.

Man City Striker’s Contract Standoff Sparks Rift Within Club as Negotiations Hit Roadblock

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