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Man Utd’s Erik ten Hag Acknowledges Issues After Private Complaints Surfaced


Man Utd’s Erik ten Hag Acknowledges Issues After Private Complaints Surfaced

Erik ten Hag is under pressure as a result of Manchester United’s poor start to the season.
The manager of Manchester United, Erik ten Hag, has come clean after revelations of private complaints from some of his first-team players. In recent weeks, the pressure on the Dutchman has increased due to Manchester United’s worst-ever start to a Premier League season.

Despite having the full support of the club, Ten Hag is reportedly on the verge of losing the dressing room because players have grown tired of his public criticism. However, the United boss has now admitted the buck stops with him and that he needs to get his communication right as United look to arrest their alarming slump this weekend.

“We have to deal with it,” Ten Hag said ahead of United’s clash with Brentford on Saturday. “It doesn’t make any sense to think about it. We have to deal with it. It gives me more energy to fight and turn this around. I’m responsible for having the right mentality.”

“In my communication, my demands and my standards, in what I demand from the players. I have to set that and make sure the right mentality is there. I give my 100 per cent effort every day to get that in.”

United are now tenth in the Premier League standings after losing four of their first seven matches. In addition, they have the worst record in their Champions League group, having lost to Bayern Munich and Galatasaray.
According to the Independent, the atmosphere in the dressing room and among general staff at Old Trafford has become toxic. Some players have complained in private about Ten Hag’s approach and his tendency to become even more strict after defeats. Stars believe the Dutchman lacks nuance and “isn’t exactly warm.” And any ties to the current team are at risk of being severed. However, placing the responsibility solely on his shoulders prior to their match against Brentford may appease discontented players.

The Manchester Evening News reported in September that a number of United players were growing tired of their manager’s criticisms. Some aces believe that Ten Hag has favored members of the team against whom he does not lash out, while other players are routinely bullied.

Due to Antony’s absence, certain United players believed they had been placed in a precarious position to execute the 53-year-old’s tactical instructions.
Despite his struggles this season, Ten Hag believes United can return to their former glory if they remain united.

He added: “We know we are still in transition as a club but, in the meantime, we know we have to win every game. We don’t walk away from that – not this team, not these coaches and not this manager. We have to win every game – that is the approach and will be the approach to every game. It’s about patience and a cool head. We stick together and focus on what it’s about – that’s the way of play.”

Man Utd’s Erik ten Hag Acknowledges Issues After Private Complaints Surfaced

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