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Pep Guardiola responds to Bruno Fernandes’ comments on the FA Cup final.


Pep Guardiola responds to Bruno Fernandes’ comments on the FA Cup final.

Pep Guardiola has reacted to comments made by Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes before of Saturday’s FA Cup final.

Guardiola’s Manchester City club may complete a treble this season after winning the Premier League and reaching the Champions League final.

The Red Devils are keen to prevent them from doing so, as they are the only English team to have won a triple, which they did in 1999.

Fernandes recently commented about the likelihood of City becoming the second team to win a treble and said: ‘We know the story of our club and that the fans don’t want City to do it.

‘We know if we win the trophy, the consequence of that is Man City cannot do the treble anymore.

‘But from the players’ side, it is just about winning the game because we want to win a trophy for ourselves, the club, the fans. That is it.’

In response to those words, Guardiola stated on Friday, ‘I didn’t speak with Bruno Fernandes and company to know exactly why it matters more to them, the emotional reason why they are going to play the final. I’m not sure.

‘I could understand it, it belongs to them. That’s normal. Sport is like that. Records will be broken. ‘That belongs to us, we don’t want anyone else to do it’ – so it is normal, that feeling.

‘It’s completely understandable. But it’s a football game, who will be better will win.’

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has disclosed that he has met with Erik ten Hag multiple times in order to strengthen his game ahead of the FA Cup final. 

When Manchester City visits Wembley on Saturday, the Red Devils will be looking for their second trophy of the season. 

Fernandes, who will captain the club, has received some criticism this season for his theatrics, which have included him furiously flailing his arms at teammates and begging to be substituted, but he commended Ten Hag for believing in him. 

‘I’m aware that he’s incredibly delighted with the way I train, the way I play, the way I display my emotions, and the way I show my passion for the game,’ Fernandes told BBC Sport.

‘He knows I’m concerned. That is presumably why it occasionally causes you to do things you should not do.

‘However, I will never do anything to harm the team, make my teammates appear bad, or do anything that is detrimental to the team. He is aware of this, which is why it shields me.

‘He has called me to his office two or three times and said “look, we have to change this, we have to change this, I think you could do it in a different way”. We had many conversations this season.’he respect, he shows you the protection, but always with the demands behind that because obviously when you protect someone you want them to give you some back, so he can have his reasons to protect you.’

Pep Guardiola responds to Bruno Fernandes’ comments on the FA Cup final.

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