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Sheikh Mansour Faces Investigation Over Russian Ties


Sheikh Mansour Faces Investigation Over Russian Ties

Sheikh Mansour is in hot water as the British foreign secretary launches an investigation into his ties to Russia, which could lead to his removal from his position. Sheikh Mansour, the owner of Manchester City, is being investigated by the British foreign secretary for alleged ties to Russia.

Mansour, who acquired Man City in August 2008, is under investigation for his alleged role in assisting Russian oligarchs to transfer their wealth to the United Arab Emirates.

The 52-year-old vice president of the United Arab Emirates reportedly has a net worth of approximately $17 billion, a staggering figure that helps to explain Manchester City’s recent dominance in the Premier League. As a result of a UK government investigation, however, the relationship between the club’s owner and the club is in jeopardy.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has opened an investigation into Mansour’s actions, with lawyers believing that the Emirati businessman took advantage of his position to aid the movement of Russian money following the invasion of Ukraine.
If the City owner is found guilty, he will be forced to resign as owner of the English giants due to new Premier League owner and director rules. According to these rules, owners can be banned if they are found to have been involved in a “disqualifying event” such as a criminal offense or human rights abuses.

Until the outcome of the investigation is determined, Mansour’s status at the club remains unchanged.

Sheikh Mansour Faces Investigation Over Russian Ties

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