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The One Surprising Flaw Uncovered in Liverpool’s Epic 7-0 Rout Against Archrivals Man United


The One Surprising Flaw Uncovered in Liverpool’s Epic 7-0 Rout Against Archrivals Man United

Jurgen Klopp discusses Liverpool’s 7-0 victory over Manchester United at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp lauded Liverpool’s 7-0 win over Manchester United as one of the best performances in a long time. Despite the Reds’ annihilation of their bitter enemies, he was not totally content after the final whistle.

Goals from Cody Gakpo, Darwin Nunez, and Mohamed Salah added to the already impressive scoreline before replacement Roberto Firmino sealed the victory late on.

While he was pleased with his team’s “great performance,” the German confessed it was a “strange result” and that he had to encourage his players to keep to the game plan as they inevitably became engrossed in the moment as the game progressed.

“It was one of the best performances for a long, long time,” he said to reporters. “Outstanding performance. Excellent performance from the start. I thought the manner we started the game was pretty unique. For a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long period.

“We were there, we were aggressive yet we played football and were calm in the proper moments. Very vibrant and dynamic. Other times, it opened up for around 25 minutes. United played well and got back into the game.

“But then the late goal before half-time was a sensational goal. Robbo, cutting inside, really calm and what we were actually asking for. In these moments we need to give ourselves time to get in the right position.

“Cody realised early enough that Robbo wants to pass the ball there and a super finish. Second half, I don’t think could start better with the two goals we force. And from that moment on the boys were flying.

“It was really difficult to play against us. Performance is super, three points are even more important and the result is just the result. We all know our goal difference doesn’t look like we won one game 9-0, we won one game 7-0 to be honest.

“I love the performance, I love the three points. I love the result as well but I don’t carry that around.”

When you get a bit more dominant results-wise, in that moment you don’t use the patterns anymore because you don’t need to. But the patterns we had for today were exactly the things which caused United problems.

“We didn’t see any reason why we should stop at 4-0. I didn’t tell them to go and score another three, not at all. I was absolutely fine with the result.

“I wanted us to understand even more that the things we had to do tonight were the right thing and we had to keep doing it. Let me say like this, I love the impact of Stefan when he came on. But he was a six and he was everywhere! We had to remind him, ‘By the way, you’re the six!’

“We had a moment in the first half where Fabinho and Hendo were half-left in the box. I’m not sure where Harvey was there but probably not in protection. These moments we don’t need.

“That’s when you lose a bit because of the excitement, you lose the overview but these things are really important to be stable and that’s what we need to be. We need consistency, we need results.

“It will not always be like this where we score with all these situations. There will be other games where we don’t score as much. You have to dominate football games if you can. Today we could and that’s why we have to do it.”

The One Surprising Flaw Uncovered in Liverpool’s Epic 7-0 Rout Against Archrivals Man United

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