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Why Juventus being docked 10 points in Serie A is great news for Arsenal


Why Juventus being docked 10 points in Serie A is great news for Arsenal

Juventus’ ten-point deduction means they will almost certainly lose out on Champions League qualification, but their punishment will assist other clubs.

They are now seventh in Serie A, five points behind the qualification spots, with two games remaining.

The deduction came after an investigation into the club’s “financial irregularities” and “false accounting.”

Former Juventus board members will face bans under the latest verdict, which is more severe than the previously proposed nine-point penalty.

Earlier this season, the Old Lady was assessed a 15-point penalty, which was eventually lifted in April after an appeal.

Both Milan-based clubs were eliminated from the Champions League after their appeal was accepted.

They weren’t as fortunate this time.

In theory, Juventus might file an additional appeal.

However, given the apparent tiny possibility of success, it’s unlikely we’ll see one.

How does the Champions League group stage draw work?

Teams that have qualified for the Champions League are assigned to one of four pots based on a variety of factors.

Pot 1 is made up of various league champions from that season, European trophy winners from 2022/23, and the other three pots are determined by each club’s UEFA coefficient.

Each Champions League group is made up of one club from each pot, therefore your club would benefit from being as high up the pot rankings as feasible.

How does this affect Arsenal?

Mikel Arteta’s side has already clinched Champions League football for next season, but Juventus’ point punishment will play into their hands.

Their return to Europe’s top-tier tournament has been tarnished slightly as they wait with bated breath to see which pot they’ll be drawn from.

Prior to Juventus’ point deduction, Arsenal found themselves in Pot 3, which meant they would be drawn against one of the strongest clubs in Europe from Pots 1 and 2.

AC Milan, currently in fifth place, will most likely replace Juventus, albeit this has not been verified.

Milan, unlike Juventus, has a lower coefficient score than Arsenal, implying that the Gunners would move up a pot.

Because Arsenal has slipped into Pot 2, they will not be allowed to play those in the same group and will instead form a group with teams from Pots 1, 3, and 4.

Arsenal will now be competing in the Champions League alongside Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Inter Milan, and will not be able to meet them in the group stages.

Why Juventus being docked 10 points in Serie A is great news for Arsenal

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