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‘Got to stop’ – Gary Neville sends fierce message to Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal snub


Gary Neville sends fierce message to Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal snub

Former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo was dropped from Portugal’s beginning XI to take on Switzerland on Tuesday night

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has hammered Cristiano Ronaldo for his “testiness” after the Portugal international was dropped for his nation’s round of 16 conflict versus Switzerland.

Fernando Santos pursued the shock choice to drop Ronaldo following his way of behaving during Portugal’s loss to South Korea in their last group game. As the 37-year-old strolled off the pitch, he was noticeably disappointed at being brought off, seeming to swear at one of the resistance players en route to the touchline.

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Santos was a long way from satisfied with what he saw, as he made his sentiments clear when he was gotten some information about the episode after the match.

He said: “Have I seen the pictures? Indeed, I could have done without it, not the slightest bit. I could have done without it. I really could have done without it. In any case, from that second onwards everything is done in regards to that issue. These issues are settled away from plain view. It’s settled. Full stop on this and presently everybody is centered around the upcoming match.”

The goal has now seen the five-time Ballon d’Or winner named on the seat for the vital tie against the Swiss. Neville, who was censured by Ronaldo during his shocking meeting with Wharfs Morgan, released a searing attack on the former United man before start off.

He told ITV: “Well what occurred at United, the idea was, it was on the grounds that [Erik] Ten Hag was attempting to take action on him, he’s attempting to lay out his position. This is a manager [Santos] who has an unfathomable relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo for a very long time.

“Furthermore, there are a ton of fanatics of Cristiano Ronaldo who aren’t willing to come clean with him. I figure he wants to pay attention to reality, that it’s turning into a smidgen of a messy end.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he came on tonight and scored the winner, but the petulance, the stomping around, the sulking it’s got to stop because it doesn’t reflect well on him at all.

“His long term legacy is set, he’s protected. He’s one of the great all time players but in the short term, he’s got to do a lot better, because is the Juventus manager wrong? The Manchester United manager wrong? And now is the Portugal manager wrong? There’s three of them that now have done the same thing with him.”

Gary Neville sends fierce message to Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal snub

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