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The “enormous” comments that Mikel Arteta made about the differences between Arsenal and Liverpool were spot-on.


The “enormous” comments that Mikel Arteta made about the differences between Arsenal and Liverpool were spot-on.

Back in 2020, Mikel Arteta admitted that his Arsenal team was not even close to being as good as Liverpool. However, the tide has since turned, and the Gunners are currently 29 points ahead of the Reds in the Premier League standings.

When Arsenal travel to Liverpool on Sunday, they will have the opportunity to move closer to clinching the Premier League title. This comes less than three years after Mikel Arteta used the word “enormous” to describe the gap between Arsenal and Liverpool in the standings of the league.

This took place after Arsenal’s victory over Liverpool in July 2020. At the time, Jurgen Klopp’s team had already won the Premier League, while Arsenal were struggling in ninth place. The Reds were absolutely unbeatable during that season and came dangerously close to becoming the second team in the league to score 100 points.

A year and a half later, in April 2023, Arsenal is leading the way at the top of the table, while Liverpool is sitting all the way down in eighth place. The gap between the two teams has grown to 29 points. It is remarkable how Arteta has turned things around to get the Gunners into this position, but the Spaniard was spot-on with his forecast for the team’s future.

After his team’s victory over Liverpool in the year 2020, Arteta said the following in an interview with Sky Sports: “To beat this team you need to have moments in the game when you take your chances, defend, and have a bit of luck.” After the score was 1-0, I was concerned about how we would respond. We were able to seize one moment and allow ourselves to believe once more.

“We are going to give both [competitions] our all, our maximum, and since there are only a few games left, we are going to keep going.” The gap that currently exists between the two teams is enormous, and although we will not be able to close it in the next two months, I am very proud that the fight and accountability are now on an even playing field. The rest will require some time to complete.

“Arsene [Wenger] was very successful and accomplished a great deal of remarkable things. I have not yet accomplished anything. We require faith in order to move in the desired direction.

Since beginning his first season with the club, Arteta has done an outstanding job for the organization. In spite of the fact that they finished in eighth place during his first full season as a manager, he was able to turn things around the following year.

After coming so close to qualifying for the Champions League, the Gunners decided to focus their efforts on winning the league this season instead. They are currently in first place, five points ahead of second-place Manchester City, but they have the opportunity to extend their lead on Sunday afternoon by beating Liverpool at Anfield.

Arteta had this to say about the opposition before the game: “They are a great team, managed by a top manager, and they create an incredible atmosphere that makes it really difficult for us, for any opponent, as it is when you come to the Emirates.”

“You know, it’s very, very difficult, so we know that, and the opportunity is ahead of us there on Sunday to do something that we have done in the last two or three years, which is to win in places that the team didn’t do for many, many years,” he said. “You know, it’s very, very difficult.” “You know, it’s very, very difficult. So we know that.”

The “enormous” comments that Mikel Arteta made about the differences between Arsenal and Liverpool were spot-on.

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